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About us

Integrated Software Specialists, Inc. (also known as iJustice Solutions) has been a leader in providing world-class court, justice and public safety technology solutions to government organizations since 1989. Today, our company and iJustice® solutions are recognized as a global leader in the Court, Justice and Law Enforcement technology sectors. We specialize in creating the latest advanced software solutions to serve, the Justice, Law and Order sectors. We are experts at automation and business process reengineering of virtually all JLOS related sectors including courts, prosecution, probation, police, law enforcement, prisons, emergency response and other agencies. Our iJustice® customer base has grown continuously year after year, ever since we first launched iJustice® in 2009. Since then; our iJustice® products and company have received significant endorsements and increasing industry notoriety and demand, which has been driving our customer growth in the USA and internationally. We are proud of our focus on world-class integrated justice automation products and services, driven by our Six-Sigma heritage which dedicates us to achieve "Total Customer Satisfaction". We can attribute our competitive advantage and achievement of award winning technology to our heritage and long track record of never having a project failure. Indeed, we have been blessed. We are grateful and loyal to our customers.

Affectionately known as ISS or iJustice Solutions, we specialize in court, law and justice innovation, with specific focus on integrated justice and public customer eServices automation. Over 25 years of Courts and Integrated Law and Justice automation experience and 100% happy customers.

Our iJustice® Software products and solutions are state-of-the-art and have been implemented to serve state and local courts and justice departments throughout the USA and abroad. We are a full Services IT provider often hired by state and local courts as consultants, architects and integrators, as well as solution providers. We offer enterprise automation solutions in addition to easy to Add-on NextGen eCourt Solutions for all courts that enable Social Distancing, enhance Staff and Public Safety, Improve Customer Services, Improve Productivity, and Reduce Costs.

About iJustice

New Approaches to Solving Highly Complex Problems

Several factors set ISS apart. ISS loves a challenge and targets highly complex problems that are often mission critical. Our clients typically have changing, volatile and ill-defined requirements, disjointed or ineffective business processes, and/or failing projects, which demand new approaches in order to solve their problems and achieve operational and business improvements. Another hallmark of our growing company is the way our success continually attracts imaginative thinkers and elite IT technologists who thrive on creating solutions for "mission impossible" situations. We are a "solutions engineering" company focused on results. For us, there is no gap between business and IT and we deliver on that view for our clients every day.

Like all iJustice® solutions, our advance eCourt Component Solutions are easily integrated with any existing Court Case Management System, including any vendor product. These add-on components provide eCourts-of-the-Future automation, self-help public services, and significant productivity and cost benefits that increase over time. They follow the "NextGen Court Component Solution Model Architecture" Strategy and Guidelines for eCourts of the future, established and endorsed by the NCSC and IJIS. Visit us at iJusticeSolutions.com and contact us at ijusticeinfo@issintl.com

Details are the key for perfection

Excellence Since 1990
Driven by our Six Sigma Culture
Total Customer Satisfaction


Integrated Software Specialists offers a full range of consulting services targeting the modernization needs of all Justice and Law enforcement departments and organizations. With over years of Government innovation experience, ISS has valuable consulting services to lend at all levels of Government (Federal, State, County, and City), and within virtually every Law and Justice organization, including Courts, Probation, Accountability Courts, District and State Attorney, Public Defenders, Court Services, Sheriff, Local Police Departments, Public Safety, and others.

Some of our unique consulting services include:

  • eCourt, and Integrated Justice Planning and Enhancements
  • Legacy Court System Enhancement and Integration
  • Advanced Mobile Public and Attorney eServices Add-On's for Courts
  • Development of Automation Roadmaps and Plans for Electronic Courts of the Future
  • Cloud Computing and Migration to Cloud
  • Enterprise IT Architecture and Business Process Re-engineering
  • Social Distancing - Advanced Automation
  • Integration and Information Sharing Automation
  • Solution Design, Engineering and Delivery
  • IT System Assessments and Enhancements
  • Data Conversion Services
  • ...And much more


For more than thirty years, our team of software engineers, technologists, and business consultants, have been tackling tough problems - some seemingly impossible challenges - for a wide variety of organizations. Some of our solutions are at work for clients that number among the world's most powerful companies and admired government agencies.

iJustice® for Courts is a robust Next-Generation Court Case Management System solution suite that will meet the needs of all courts and all case types. Its award-winning architecture is designed to enable integrated justice and electronic courts of the future, serving the needs of the public and all customers and partners of the Court. It has many advanced capabilities including the ability for interactive web and mobile phone access to intelligent court and judicial services 24x7x365. This cutting-edge solution is designed to serve. It has the ability to connect to any system, automate complex processes and decisions, and intelligently move and orchestrate information between all departments and customers of the court. In addition, it is highly configurable and extendable. Perhaps most importantly, it is designed to enable continuous add-on court related innovation, representing a superior solution that will easily address the demands of future change, growing in value and return on investment over time. All at an affordable price.

iJustice® customers have proudly announced incredible benefits including significant productivity gains, cost reductions, improved online and mobile services and related staff and public social distancing safety, and a recurring return on investment that grows year after year. Complimentary benefits include the ability to rapidly meet changing needs and implement new advanced automation and electronic services that improve the quality and speed of justice, significantly faster and more cost effectively than other courts.

Enterprise Probation and Supervision Automation and Case Management Solution (All probation case types). This full-featured system automates the functions of a Probation Department. The system is easily integrated to any Court case management system, RID, criminal history applications, and any others required. The system auto-generates all letters, forms, and correspondence between the Court, probationers, and victims.

The iJustice® Probation Case Management System stores and manages records for all cases assigned to the probation department. Case information, relationship details, contact information, document management, and schedule management are consolidated into a single highly user-configurable system.

Enterprise Attorney Case Management Solution (All case types).

iJustice® for Attorneys is a 21st Century technology solution designed to assist in streamlining and automating Prosecutors and Defenders Case Management and related business processes. This includes the automation of Case Registration; Document Scanning and Electronic Document Management; Electronic Case Allocation and Management; Electronic Case File Access, Workflow Management, Security Management, Information Sharing; Electronic Reporting and Statistical Dashboards, and much more.

A secure, Web-based, Integrated Case Management System for all Specialty Courts—including Drug Court, Mental Health Court, and more.

This State-of-the-Art product addresses the growing movement by courts throughout the world to create special purpose courts, sometimes called Accountability Courts or Specialty Courts to recognize and "treat" offenders who have committed crimes due to an illness instead of incarcerating them, only to have them repeat the same crimes over and over again due to their illness not being recognized and treated. This US Department of Justice endorsed program and solution also helps address the issue of overcrowded jails, repeat offenders, and helps reduce crime by reducing and eliminating repeat offenders. This solution also improves court and judiciary productivity, efficiency, and quality.

COVID19 and NextGen SmartCourt Component Solutions

The following are Easy to “Add-on” NextGen eCourt Component Solutions that enable Social Distancing, enhance Staff and Public Safety, Improve Customer Services, Improve Productivity, and Reduce Costs.

These powerful add-on components allow you to upgrade your current Court Case Management System without replacing it. They provide eCourts-of-the-Future automation, self-help public services, and significant productivity and cost benefits that increase in value over time! In addition, they will easily work with your new Court Case Management System, when that day comes.

Like all iJustice® solutions, these advanced eCourt component solutions can easily integrate with any existing Court Case Management System, including any vendor product. They follow and represent “NextGen Court Component Solution Model Architecture” solutions for eCourts of the future, established and endorsed by the NCSC and IJIS.

iSchedule™ is a powerful Next Generation “eCourts of the Future” component solution. It is an intelligent on-line scheduling application that allows for “self-help scheduling” of cases by attorneys and self-represented litigants (SRLs). Similar to an on-line airline reservation system; it integrates with your (any) Court Case Management System and leverages your desired scheduling and capacity rules for court rooms and resources to intelligently manage and optimize daily schedules while also providing “open date” options for court customers to choose from for their court-date.

iSchedule™ has many benefits for both courts and litigants. For Courts: It centralizes scheduling and calendar management which results in a well-organized, optimized, and controlled court docket. Courts can also use it internally for case and resource scheduling, as well as limit and control attorney and SRL access and scheduling capabilities as desired.

Customers of the courts love it! For litigants: This innovative solution allows attorneys and SRLs the convenience to schedule their own motions, petitions or any other case related matter that the court desires to allow attorneys to schedule through the application; making the courts open for business to litigants 24/7/365 and all from the convenience of their home or mobile devices. The result is improved customer service and satisfaction. It also provides courts with the valuable ability to continuously grow and add new on-line services for attorneys and the public while also increasing efficiency in the court.

This robust solution automatically sends intelligently triggered electronic eReminder messages to public subscribers’ cell phones and mobile devices by either text (SMS), email, or voice message, reminding them of important events and the ability to deliver valuable information related to their case or responsibility. Furthermore, courts are able to customize the SMS messages to include value-added information like location of the court room, where to park, what to bring, etc. Similarly, Probation departments are able to customize and send reminders to probationers about their upcoming appointments, goals, or just to encourage them forward.

In addition, courts can configure and schedule a series of eReminders to most effectively achieve a goal, like "Reduce Failures to Appear". eReminders can be configured to be automatically triggered and intelligently send helpful electronic reminders multiple times, with no human intervention required. For example, courts can configure this solution to send an automated "reminder to appear" text message to the cell phones of all parties associated with a case "2 weeks prior" to their scheduled court date. Plus a second customized automated eReminder text message 1 week before their scheduled court date; and a final eReminder to be sent 1 day prior to their scheduled court date. Public users and parties on a case can interactively subscribe and unsubscribe to receiving automated eReminders and case notifications from the convenience of their mobile phone at any time, night or day, 24x7x365.

For Victim and Witness Protection, and Public Safety: This solution is perfect for automation of Victim and Witness protection alerts and automated real-time court event triggered eNotifications. In fact, this intelligent eNotification solution has been integrated with the largest court CMS vendor products in the Industry serving courts, state-wide!

Serve all Public Alert and Service Needs: This solution can benefit ANY and ALL Governments and Departments. Send important automated notices to the public, first responders, critical internal staff members, and others. This solution can also be used to deliver automated mass-alerts in the event of an emergency like a COVID19 outbreak alert, or a court room or building shut down, or a change in court date or court room location.

This advanced solution takes courts mobile and provides public access to court related services from the convenience of their mobile phones 24x7x365. This advanced mobile public services solution is also a public social distancing solution that provides courts the ability to immediately inform and electronically serve the Public, Attorney’s, Judges and all other internal and external customers of the court via personal mobile phone access to electronic court related information and services. It yields many valuable benefits while also improving Court Customer Relationships and Management (CRM).

This solution represents an automated electronic order collaboration platform for the benefit of the Prosecution, Judiciary, and Defense. It facilitates collaborative development and workflow orchestration of draft Orders between prosecutor, judge, and defender and then builds and generates Sentencing Orders, General Orders, and all other Court Orders.

Improves productivity, collaboration, speed and quality of justice, and improves staff and public safety through social distancing.

The iJustice® eGuilty and ePayment Services Suite is a NextGen component solution suite. It will easily integrate and work collaboratively with any system, including your current Court case management system. It enables defendants the ability to plead guilty if allowed and pay for citations, or any other court payable matters online, including “payment plan” payments and any other financial obligations. This solution not only provides conveniences to the public but also benefits the court by promoting timely payment and receipt of funds owed and reduces manual processing by the clerks. It also reduces the number of people needing to physically attend a court session which improves social distancing and improve staff and public safety.

Client Testimonials

iJustice® customers tend to be highly innovative minded. They do their research and therefor tend to be well educated on the technology choices available in the market, limitations and related successes and failures. As visionaries, they look beyond their needs of today and tend to not be satisfied with the popular product alternatives made by others.

We are honored and truly blessed to have such wonderful like-minded customers. Thanks to them, their drive for continuous innovation advances, and our joint collaborations, iJustice® customers and product implementations are among the best and most advanced in the industry. According to many, their iJustice® systems represent “Best in Class” in court and justice innovation, operational efficiency, and public services. Their organizations are rewarded with significantly higher Returns on Investments that grow each year; which they proudly report publically.

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